In the current trading session, the Euro-USD pair remains weak with a quote of half of 1.0850. Despite strong economic statistics, the euro is being supported by comments from Federal Reserve representatives that suggest the worst times for the American banking system are still ahead. Board of Governors member, Philip Jefferson, noted that the outflow of client deposits from small banks could have a negative impact on their small businesses which are highly dependent on regional financial institutions. He also indicated that monetary authorities are ready to assist them if necessary.

Jefferson further noted that their regulator is still analyzing the impact of the current interest rate hike on the economy and inflation. Against this backdrop, traders are advised to hold a long position on the Euro-USD pair.

Meanwhile, the GBP-USD pair continues to grow actively. Traders are analyzing the statements by the head of the Bank of England, Bailey, who noted that the regulator recognizes the deterioration of economic conditions amid problems in the U.S banking sector. However, he is confident that the current events will not affect the national financial system. In addition, Bailey confirmed his readiness for rate hikes, with market participants expecting a 50 basis points increase against the backdrop of significant inflation. This move should support the national currency.

Finally, WTI oil quotes continue to develop a bullish trend, with prices being supported by the suspension of oil exports from Iraq to Turkey in the amount of 450,000 barrels per day. Analysts also note comments by Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Truginova who said that the country has successfully redirected its oil exports to new markets.

Investors are also waiting for the release of the weekly report on oil resources in the US from the Energy Information Administration. According to forecasts, inventories will decline, which could provide further support to prices.

These are the main trading ideas for now. Traders are advised to keep a close eye on market developments and adjust their positions accordingly.